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Go with the Flow...

Our Fall "Great Start" six week series ended last week, and the participants are now flowing into our Level 1 Group Equipment classes, so it seems appropriate that we end our review of the six Pilates Principles with "Flowing Movement". Over the last six weeks, our newbies learned about controlling movement, concentrating and engaging all parts of their mind, moving from their center, breathing properly, and moving with precision. The final step is to put all that together into a workout that flows seamlessly from one movement to the next, staying physically and mentally engaged the entire time. That's when the true magic of Pilates occurs! "Flowing Movement" in Pilates means linking the b

Devil in the Details

Did you see the "OCD Test" going around on Facebook recently? Not surprisingly, your Pilates trainers had a good laugh about scoring 100%! I realize that true OCD can a serious psychological disorder and I don't mean to make light of anyone who suffers from the condition. I sometimes joke with my clients, however, that being a Pilates teacher encourages my own OCD tendencies, meaning that it increases my focus and awareness on the minute details. I've been known to walk around the Studio moving the end of a reformer a few inches, and heaven forbid if a piece of equipment isn't square to the walls. Do you think it's an accident that our carpet squares have stripes on them? I think not!

The Center of the Universe

A few weeks ago, I was working with a long time client, who usually takes Group Reformer classes, in a rare private session. This client has extremely tight hamstrings that have been chronically strained. During Short Box series, she was always focused on her hamstrings, because they were the tightest part of her body. So I had her keep her knee bent during Tree on the short box, and the light bulb went off. "Oh," she said, "this is a AB exercise!" I laughed and said "Of course, they're ALL ab exercises!" This week our "Great Start" students learned about Centering, as the fourth in our series of Pilates Principles. "Centering" in Pilates means moving from the center. Every Pilates exe

Engaging the Mind

How many of you played the "Concentration" game when you were little? I remember playing with my grandmother, on the floor in her living room. with just a regular deck of cards. Turning over one card and trying to remember, now where was that queen I just saw? It was challenging and fun and fully engaged my mind, which is why the game is called "concentration". The next Pilates principle our "Great Start" clients are focusing on is Concentration. After understanding the concept of Control, and how to connect the Breathing to the movement, we start to pay more attention to the movements. For me, the principle of Concentration embodies the "Be Here Now" mantra. At our Studio, we encourage

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