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Would you like to improve your strength, flexibility, range of motion, and balance while finding more ease in movement? If the answer is a resounding "YES!", join us for our series of Franklin Method® Workshops.

The Franklin Method® helps you better understand the design and function of your anatomy, offering metaphorical imagery and embodiment techniques to hone your movement and maintain healthy function. This unique combination of mind-body techniques can apply to any type of movement, particularly your Pilates practice!

Franklin Method Spine Imagery
  • Saturdays 2 - 4 p.m.

  • Attend in person or via Zoom.  Recordings will be available.

  • Purchase a single workshop for $35, 2 for $60, or $125 for all 5. Participants who attend all 5 sessions will receive a free set of Franklin Method® balls

Jun 3
The Art of Change

Provides an overview of the Franklin Method® and teaches tools for using your mind to create positive change and keep your body youthful and energized.

Jun 10
Pelvic Power for Core Integration

Learn the design and function of your pelvis and hip joint and practice movements to build strength and release tension.

Jun 17
Healthy and Youthful Spine

Explore the wonders and complexities of the human spine to find more freedom in movement.

Jun 24
Healthy and Strong Knees

Through dynamic imagery and embodied movements, keep your knees healthy, strong and pain-free.

Jul 8
Release and Liberate Your Shoulders

Practice movements to increase the mobility, flexibility and strength of your shoulders while releasing tension.

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