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Pilates Movement Therapy

Private Movement Therapy Training is available in the Studio and online via Zoom

Movement Therapy is designed to restore ease of movement, rebalance your body's postural tone, and rebuild functional strength.  Recommended for clients who have a current or long term condition such as herniated or bulging disc, joint injury or replacement, osteoporosis, scoliosis, pain with specific movements or daily activities, or other conditions that affect movement.

Sessions include Pilates fundamentals, restorative exercise, natural movement skills, yoga, neuro-muscular re-education, embodied movement, and myofascial release techniques to achieve greater range of motion and pain free movement. Clients will leave each session with a deeper understanding of their body's movement disfunctions, 1-3 prescribed corrective exercises for homework with additional handouts and links to instructional youtube videos for at-home guidance.

Melody Benton holds an associates degree in Physical Therapy with over 20 years experience in the movement therapy and fitness world.  Her certifications and training include ACSM personal training, Pilates, yoga, aquatic exercise, stand=up paddleboarding, embodied movement coaching, Thai Yoga massage, Reiki, and more.

55 minute sessions.

New Client Special

4 Private Pilates Movement Therapy Sessions $299

Available in the studio or online via Zoom
Retail Value $440 - You save $141!


Save 10% with Auto-renew

Consistency is the key to success.  Make a commitment to yourself and save with our Private Membership packages.


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A la Carte

Single session ........................... $120

4 session pass .......................... $440 ($110 ea)

Private Membership

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Auto Renew

4 session pass ..........................  $400 ($100 ea)

3 refill minimum

15 days notice required to cancel

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