Studio Policies

Zenergy Pilates is dedicated to making our Studio a warm, inviting, clean, and inspiring place to work out.


Please keep your voice down in the lobby area and be respectful of other classes or sessions that are in progress.


No gum allowed while working out!


Be sensitive to perfumes or lotions that may become more intense as your body heat rises during a workout.


If you arrive late for a class, minimize the disruption by warming up or stretching on your own, then join in on the current exercise with the rest of the class.


Remove your shoes in the lobby area and place all belongings in a cubby.


Water bottles or cups must be sealed to avoid spills.

You're welcome to work out barefoot or in socks with grippers.


Cancellation Policy

Zenergy Pilates wants to make sure that you get the training you pay for.  However, to ensure that the studio’s limited resources (studio space, instructor time and equipment) are not wasted and to control prices and provide a variety of training options, we require advance notice if your plans change.  Please read our Cancellation Policy and ensure you aware of and accept these policies. 

(512) 258-8444

8300 N FM 620 Suite N-700

Austin, Tx 78726

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