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Zenergy Pilates is a classical Pilates studio, offering private, semi-private, and group sessions. Find the happy medium between the "no pain, no gain" mentality and the fear that "sitting is the new smoking." Your body was designed to move, but not to be abused.  Experience what's "just enough" to build strength & flexibility and find your sweet spot. 

New Clients

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Pilates Private & Semi-Privates
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Private or Semi-Private Training is available in the Studio and online via Zoom.  

  • Private Training

Get your trainer's undivided attention and perfect your form with Private training. Great for everyone, especially people who have injuries, or people who want to reach specific goals with customized sessions, progress quickly and experience the many benefits of Pilates. Private sessions are 55 minutes

  • Semi-Private Training

Grab a friend and share the cost of training!  55 min lessons available.

Side up front
Side up front

Pilates Reformer exercises

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Hundred Mat
Hundred Mat

Mat is the Method!

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Pilates Chair
Pilates Chair

Challenge yourself with Chair workouts

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Side up front
Side up front

Pilates Reformer exercises

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Pilates Group Classes

  • Group Equipment Classes

To ensure flow and a shared fundamental knowledge base with others in the group class, new clients must meet one on one with a trainer before entering groups (even new clients with Pilates experience) OR attend a few of our Introductory Pilates System classes.  Groups classes are currently limited to 5 people, and include all types of Pilates equipment (Reformer, Mat, Tower, Chair and more).  Manage your schedule easily online with our mobile app.

At least 2 must be registered for a group class.  50 min.

  • Pilates Chair Classes

Joseph Pilates created the Chair to be the first piece of home exercise equipment! This unique apparatus is designed to challenge you, working each side of your body independently, and complements work on the Reformer, Tower and Mat.  Combine the Chair with Reformer and Tower for endless variety and challenge!

Classes are limited to 5 clients.  50 min.

  • LIVE Online Classes

Experience high-quality Pilates instruction with individual attention without leaving your home. Our LIVE Online classes via Zoom offer a variety of class formats to keep you moving.  Improve your strength, flexibility, and stamina, and support your immune system.  Choose from Pilates Mat, Cardio Pilates, Restorative Pilates & more.

 Mix and match class formats and times to fit your schedule. 50 min.

Pilates Privates & Semi-Privates
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